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Our People

OUR POSTURE - Ministry Engagement Principles

  1. Depth of personal relationship with God is core for everyone. 
  2. Transformational Discipleship is the intended outcome for ourselves, and in the lives of those we lead, reach and teach. 
  3. We will diligently and purposefully invite others to partner with us in ministry. 
  4. We will be learners who are filled with gratitude. 
  5. We will conduct our ministry with clarity and unity in diversity. 
  6. We will be scrappy, we will hustle, but we will pay attention to the impact of our actions on the people we work with and serve. 
  7. We will strive for excellence in communication within our teams, and to our constituents.

Awana Pakistan Board Members

  1. Pastor Ashir Rafiq 

Awana Pakistan Executive Team

1. Aftab Saleem & Rashna Aftab National Directors

2. Asif Raza & Elishba Asif Awana Missionary – South Punjab

3. Aslam Samuel & Shaheem Samuel Awana Missionary  – Islamabad

4. Azam Munir Awana Coordinator – Gujranwala

5. Naveed Masih Awana Coordinator – Lalamosa

6. Shahbaz Masih\ Awana Coordinator – Faisalabad

7. Shakeel Masih Awana Coordinator – Sindh

8. Rubecca Nasir Awana Coordinator – KPK

9. Rafaqat Yaqoob Awana Coordinator – Sindh


Each Picture is a living story, what God has done in the lives