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Leader Base Strategy

Leaders Base Strategy

Each Awana program is built upon leadership that is trained to reach children, like our Leader-Based Strategy (LBS).

Through the Leader-Based Strategy, Awana invests in local, national leaders, igniting their vision for children’s ministry. 

These leaders return home and spread this vision in their churches, raising up additional leaders, reaching neighborhoods of children, and impacting an entire community. 

Leader Base Strategy may include following methods.

Awana Club

Awana Club is a Bible-based, Christ-centered program for children & Youth. It is an international Bible centered youth ministry club whose primary goal is to teach boys and girls the Gospel of Christ and train them to serve Him may established in Churches and Communities sites. 

In Pakistan Every week, Awana Pakistan reaches through Awana Clubs more than One Hundred Thousands children & Youth with the gospel in their heart language through 2030 clubs offering Truth Seekers & Living God’s Story curriculum.

Building Healthy Family

Parents and other family caretakers have an enormous influence in the lives of kids. They are the ones who love their children more than anyone else. If children do not find this unique family intimacy at home, children will look outside the home to fill this emptiness.

This ministry is designed for your church to help strengthen families by bringing Christ into the home. The family is God’s first “small group.” 

We believe that building healthy families is one of the most strategic church ministries. When families in the church deepen and strengthen their relationship with Jesus, the church is also strengthened.

World Lead

World Lead is a Ministry of Boca Raton Community Church and a Partner Ministry of Awana International. 

World Lead has a vision to train, equip and support indigenous Christian leaders to multiply their impact for the Kingdom.

World Lead is a Great Commission engagement to connect and close the leadership gap around the world by building future Christian world leaders. Because Leaders develop further Leaders. 

Advance Trainings

Train the Trainers to be more affective in their ministries at their local church and well equipped to share the Gospel in different tools and methods.

Outreach Program

  • Kids Festivals
  • Kids Games
  • Bible Quiz
  • Verses Memorization Competition
  • Awana Tuition Centers

Special Projects

Special projects within Awana ministries provide unique opportunities to make a meaningful impact within the life of young people. From outreach initiatives to community service endeavors, these projects serve as catalysts for positive change and spiritual growth. 

By actively participating in these ventures, individuals can deepen their faith, develop leadership skills, and foster a sense of unity among fellow believers.