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What God Is Doing Through Us

Awana Globally celebrated reaching and engaging more than 5 million kids weekly with the Gospel and life-changing discipleship! It’s a milestone we acknowledge and praise God for, as He continues to use loyal Awana leaders, churches and partners around the world to enlarge His kingdom and raise resilient disciples.

His favor has allowed Awana programming to reach kids and their families in 134 countries — to help them belong to, believe in and become more like Christ.

Awana Pakistan Newsletter

It is because of Him that we are able to share with you the exciting stories & events glimpse through Newsletters.

Read it and be encouraged that our Lord is at work through Awana Pakistan, changing lives and spreading His love.

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Awana Story

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Learn more about how pastors, parents and kids around the country are utilizing Awana to change lives for Jesus Christ.

Churches being Strengthen

Awana is an excellent program for the next Generation. We have seen the impact in our churches. 

Before Awana in our churches; we were praying for a program for the young people, we were passionate and determined to evangelize and disciple our next generation but we don’t have specified program for them but eventually; Awana is the answer of our prayers. Our leaders were trained by Awana and now we are in next level. 

I am so blessed to share that Awana program is now happening in our 9 Churches branches in Nowshera KPK in Pakistan. We are thankful for this ministry. I do believe together we can do more. God bless Awana. 

Pastor Shamoon Patras 

Independed Evangelic Church, 

Nowshera KPK.

Met with Christ

An Awana clubber and resilient child disciple in Pakistan

Zameer is very bright Awana clubber in his church. His life is a true demonstration, how God is raising resilient disciple through Awana Program in the Churches in Pakistan.

He joined Awana Club in 2016 and met with Christ. Since then he has a bold faith and true relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Day by day he is growing in his faith by learning Holy Bible and Praying to HIM.

He wants to be a Pastor. This is how his faith and confidence in Lord is developed through Awana Club.  

Zameer Ghulam

Leaders Capacity being build

We as National vide Church congregation “Philadelphia Pentecostal Church of Pakistan” feel pleasure to write, due to the brilliant work you have conducted to help in our National Leadership by Awana Pakistan. 

Furthermore, I would like to appreciate the prayers and teaching/ facilitation for leadership training of Pastors from all over the country as our partner organization. Though this facilitations leaders will be grow spiritually and can develop their leadership skills. By showing this kind gesture, you have made known to us that all of us are the Body of Christ.

Rev. Patras Salmat.


Philadelphia Pentecostal Church.

Undeniable Transformation

What does it look like when JESUS transforms a life in an undeniable way? .....
What does it look like when JESUS transforms a life in an undeniable way?

I have passion for Sunday school but I don’t know how to do that in a proper way.

The society we lived, I found the young people are perished. While I got chance to train by Awana and I started the Awana Club. The children with I stared most of children & their parents were drugs addicted and there was no religious environment in their families.

When they started coming to Awana Club, I started teaching them about God and taught them how to pray. Even they stared to pray in the families and especially for sick people in the families. This is because of Awana trainings help us to took initiative. I am thankful to God for this wonderful opportunity to serve as Awana Leader.

Mrs. Muskan Tamoor, Independent Evangelical Churc, KPK

Meet Meena

Awana Club is a most interesting place for her......
Meena is a shining clubber in her clubs and participating actively every week because Awana Club is a most interesting place for her.

She lives in a marginalized community where minorities are in number and she saw the Hindus are bowing their head in the idols and found since they cannot speak and listen why they are praying and showing respect to them.

In her Awana Club she experienced the knowledge of the living God and knows about the Bible and share that she always pray to the God of heavens and earth.

His church is thankful for the Awana Club program and all the resources provided by Awana Pakistan to the local church to evangelize and disciple the young boys and girls.

Many boys and girls growing in the knowledge of the Lord through the Awana Program.

Raising Godly Families

Parents stated to attend Church because they can see a change in their Kids.....
Parents stated to attend Church because they can see a change in their Kids.

We had attended 03 days Awana training in 2021 at Toba Tek Singh. After Awana Training we had started to teach children and by the grace of God after one year of Clubs there are many testimonies in our club. 30 new children joined our club.

Parents are welcoming us in their houses as we are teaching their children and they are very happy and they have started to come church regularly. Bad habits are being eliminated from children and now they are behaving in good way.

Sheraz Bhati, Toba’Tek’Singh;