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Our Strategies

Awana is a proven program for reaching kids with the gospel.

But it disciples the rest of the church through equipping the Awana club leaders, and discipleship is key for the Christian minority in Pakistan.

Leaders Base Strategy

Each Awana program is built upon leadership that is trained to reach children, like our Leader-Based Strategy (LBS).

Through the Leader-Based Strategy, Awana invests in local, national leaders, igniting their vision for children’s ministry. more detail

Digital Strategy

It a recently adapted, updated, and created the discipleship programs in digital format. Because it expands our capacity to train additional leaders to reach more kids. 

Also, we live in a digital world and we are reaching a digital generation. more detail

Partnership Strategy

Establish network and increase the capacity of our partners. It may help us to adding value, building trusts, awareness and share resources to each other’s. more detail